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Centre for Environment Justice (CEJ), started as a Volunteer Youth Group in 2010 with its focus on climate change awareness and sensitization through Theatre for Community Action (TCA-Drama) and was officially registered as a non-governmental organization on 8th July, 2011 with a name called Youth Image Solutions (YIS). However, on 3rd August, 2012, the management team decided to change the name to CENTRE FOR ENVIRONMENT JUSTICE and on 11th December, 2012, PACRA approved the name as a Limited by Guarantee non-governmental organization.

The mandate believes that safe environment is a basic fundamental human right and that individual youths, women, men and the general Zambian population have the right to access quality and accurate information on environment, extractive industries, conservation and climate change to enable them adapt and mitigate; and respond to disasters effectively in affected at community, districts and national level. Centre for Environment Justice (CEJ) believes that greatest challenge of this generation is addressing the ever challenging of environmental degradation and extractive industries that has alot impact, effect and threat on human life.

It is undoubtedly, young people constitute the larger majority of the population in Zambia. Hence, there is need for honest guidance to the young people in promoting community development through environmental projects. The world has dynamically changed in terms of development strategies meant to improve the livelihood of the people especially in poor communities. There must be an investment that ensures the young people to be empowered with knowledge to ensure they play a role that will demand government to meet their commitments towards the MDGs 7 on Environment.

It is our main aim that CEJ become a widely recognized NGO on its advocacy work in the community, District, national and international level. This will lead the state to improve public policy and keep environmental protection, climate justice and extractive industries issues in the hearts and minds of decision-makers, donors, volunteers and citizens.

Our Role as Civil Society

To be a driving force behind greater achievements through the active mobilization of public support through information collection and dissemination, policy development and consultation, policy implementation, assessments and monitoring; and lobby and advocacy.


To help young people thrive in fighting for environmental justice while contributing to sustainable development in its aspects.


Be a leading Centre for Environment Justice and actions for sustainable development at community, district and national level.


To empower, enhance and strengthen environmental challenged communities, youth, children, women and men by involving them in promoting environmental justice and sustainable management of natural resources.

Catchment Area

Centre for Environment Justice (CEJ) is situated in Kafue District 45 minutes drive from Lusaka District. CEJ current catchment areas are Lusaka Province: Kafue, Chilanga, Chirundu and Chongwe; with keen interest to scale up to Southern Province: Mazabuka, Mamba, Monze and Choma.